Ensure business and project continuity with interim executives who hit the ground running and produce immediate results.

Within five days, Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge presents candidates with the right skills, industry knowledge and cultural fit for your organization. We maintain a dedicated roster of highly qualified, pre-screened leaders committed to interim roles and interview each candidate face-to-face for every mandate.

Whether you’re addressing a sudden departure, or a reorganization, merger, acquisition or project that requires specific expertise, Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge provides a rigorous, fast and low-risk solution to your urgent talent needs.

  • Leverage our robust database of vetted interim executives.
  • Access seasoned professionals with a solid record of delivering results who quickly adapt to new cultures, new circumstances and new challenges. 70% of our interim managers have their assignments extended, and 25% are hired permanently.
  • Achieve short- and long-term objectives with interim leaders who understand your organization, culture and market environment.
  • Fill critical talent gaps across levels, functions and geographies — from subject matter experts to managers to C-suite executives, from IT to HR to finance and more — with experienced interim leaders from a wide variety of business, government, healthcare and non-profit sectors.