Fill professional mid-level roles with specific skillsets critical to driving production, execution and revenue.

We start every search with a fresh perspective. We don’t just leverage our extensive database and networks to find candidates with similar experience, but look for people with the right skills and cultural fit. Our assessments objectively determine candidates’ leadership styles, strengths and areas of development to ensure they’ll be successful in the required role.

We partner with you and/or your talent acquisition team to identify the best talent in the market, and meet with you and every candidate, either virtually or in person, to ensure we find the right person and position them for success from day one.

  • Target “passive” candidates who might not otherwise consider a career change instead of limiting yourself to those actively looking for a job.
  • Find quality candidates with the right capabilities and industry experience — in Financial Services, Consumer Products and Retail, Engineering and Construction, Technology, Energy and Utilities, and Healthcare —in a short amount of time.
  • Our unique Engaged Search approach enables us to invest in developing a proactive recruiting strategy to ensure success — we have a 92% fill rate, compared to the 33% typical in the industry for mid-level searches.