We’re practical. Smart, but humble. Collaborative. Passionate. Understanding. Forthright. Nimble.

It takes a certain type of person to work at Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge. Someone who is committed to making a difference, will go the extra mile, and will hold themselves personally accountable for your success. Someone who can come together with their colleagues around the world to share insights and ideas from our work with leading organizations, and create tailored solutions that address your issues and needs.

We are 4000 thought leaders, business leaders, career consultants, executive coaches, industry experts, client and project managers, and technology professionals. We work together seamlessly — across geographies and practice areas — to achieve your goals.

Our Executive Team

Peter Alcide
President & COO

Brad Beveridge
Executive Vice President

Ranjit de Sousa
Executive Vice President
Europe, Middle East & Africa

Karen Faehndrich

José Augusto L. Figueiredo
President Brasil &
Executive Vice President
Latin America

Kevin Gagan
Executive Vice President
Global Sales

Claudio Garcia
Executive Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development

James Greenway
Executive Vice President
Marketing & Sales Effectiveness

Ross Heron
Managing Director Australia/New Zealand

Pam Jones
Executive Vice President,
General Counsel

John Morgan

John Morgan
Executive Vice President
United States

Waseem Razzaq
Executive Vice President &
Chief Information Officer

Karine Storm
Executive Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Patterson

Sharon Patterson
Executive Vice President,
Human Resources

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